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Five Common Problems in the Installation of Solar Street Light

1. The installation time of solar street light. The solar street light should be installed in sunny days, if the street light is installed in rainy or cloudy days, the light will consume power only, which cannot meet the demands of design.
2. The solar street light cannot work in the day of installation. Many project contractors want to see the working effect of the solar street light, and they may let the light work right after installation. For the energy of new accumulator is not full, if the street light works right after installation, the rainy or cloudy days cannot be met according to the design. The proper method is that connect the controller but without load after installation, and charges the accumulator in the daytime of the second day, and connect the load in the evening, which can make the capacity of the accumulator reach the high level. It is certain that this method may increase the cost of workers.
3. The angle of the solar panel. Generally, it is designed of the 45°, which is to guarantee that the solar panel can absorb solar energy effectively in winter. However, the angle is decided in the installation. The solar panel is assembled on the ground, and there may be deviation when the lamp post is set up, and if the deviation is not evident, the workers won’t adjust the solar panel. However, the deviation of this kind not only influences the charge of the battery, but influences the voltage of solar panel under the same luminance, which will cause great deviation of the turning on time of the street light. So try to keep the solar panel in the same angle when assembling the panel on the ground.
4. The connection of the controller of the solar street light. Try to use the controller which is water-proof, and it can be stable for a long time and avoid the users changing the turning on time of the light randomly. For the connecting terminal is downward, we can curve the connecting wire in the shape of U, which can prevent the water running into the controller, if the controller is not water-proof.
5. Try to persuade the clients to use high-quality copper cores. For the existence of electronic conductivity, there will be loss in the output process of current and voltage, which will increase power consumption, and even cause the irregular work of the LED drive power.