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How Long Can the Solar Street Light Work?

Many customers want to know how long the solar LED street light can work. Today I will introduce that to you.

30w integrated solar street light

The solar LED street light uses solar energy, which can transform into electric energy to provide electric power for the light to illuminate the night. If the sunshine is abundant, the light can be installed everywhere. For it make no pollution of the environment, it is called environment-protective green product. The integrated design of the light-post and the battery make the light has anti-wind capability, and the function of intelligent charge-discharge, light and time control by micro-computer are adopted. The light source of the solar street light uses high-efficient super power led which is used for solar street light only, and it has the features of high-brightness, easy installation, reliable, save conventional source of energy, and long service time of over 500,00 hours. The solar street light is composed by solar panel, solar controller, accumulator, light source, light-post and shell, and the service time of the accumulator is around 5 years; that of led is about 500,000 hours, and the service time of the solar panel is 20 years, which is the longest. However, the solar controller may damaged by thunderstrike.

Compared with the ordinary street light, the prior-period investment is large, but the solar LED street light does not need other invest. The solar street light can be installed in roads of cities, residential areas, industrial parks, squares, places of interest, parks, paths of countryside, and remote areas to satisfy the needs of illumination.