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90w all in one solar street light

The 90w all in one solar street light, which is not the same as the ordinary solar street light which should install the light and solar panel separately, is integrated and convenient to install. Combined with the most advanced green energy nowadays--- solar energy, semiconductor led light source, special battery for street light, the all in one led solar lamp street light adopts several practical controlling technology, like microcontroller and infrared human detective. The 90w all in one solar street light reaches the goal of low consumption and strong light with concise integrated outlook, and the brightness of 5w energy consumption is equal to that of the 100w incandescent lamp. The solar street light has long service time and maintenance-free.

Specifications of 90w solar powered street lights:

Feature of 90w solar powered street lights:

1. Equipped with infrared human detection and microwave induction. The led intelligent power output pattern can make the solar street light enter energy-saving pattern to prolong the service time to 7 to 10 cloudy or rainy days when the rainy season comes, and the work time of super energy-saving pattern can be 15 cloudy or rainy days.
2. New environmentally friendly material of aluminium alloy.
3. Long service time of the battery, which can be over 5 years in average, and the battery can be replaced.
4. Infrared human detective technology is adopted. The light will turn on when there is people passing by, and the light will turn off when people leave to save energy.
5. Water-proof class can be IP 65.
6. Complete protection function: output short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, and over temperature protection of led chip.
7. Professional solar panel, which can absorb light and transform solar energy in short time.
8. Thickening arch design, convenient for installation, stable and safe.
9. Wire-free, convenient for installation.

Application of 90w solar powered street lights:

Outdoor parking lot, city street, school, residential area, expressway, square, mine area, etc.


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