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80W Solar LED Street Light

The 80W all in one solar street light is a new best-sale product of our company in 2016. Fully considered the practical condition of the illumination of city roads, the solar street light 2016 uses single-chip control technology to make dynamic intelligent management for the brightness of the street light to make it humanized. Through the setting of the light device, we could make the solar street light has high brightness on busy hours, and adjust its brightness automatically at night to make the brightness lower. The solar powered street light for sale can also test whether there is people or vehicles automatically, and adjust the brightness according to the real condition to get the effect of energy-saving, and meet the unique demand of illumination of local roads.

80W all in one solar street light 80W all in one solar street light 80W all in one solar street light

Specifications of 80w all in one solar street light

Specifications of all in one solar street light

Features of all in one solar street light:

1. Easy installation (only four bolts are needed to fix the hoops and products on the outdoor walls, light lamps and trunks where can get sunshine);
2. New environmental protective materials, aluminium alloy;
3. Lithium iron phosphate battery of long service time (the average service time can be over 5 years, and the battery can be changed);
4. Solar energy is used, which is environmentally friendly
5. Infrared human detective technology is used, the light will be bright when there is people, and it will turn off when people go away;
6. IP65, waterproof, strong heat resistance, CE/ROHS/IP65 qualified.

Application of all in one solar street light:

Provide illumination for various streets, auxiliary roads, paths of residential areas, courtyard, mine areas, parks, and parking lots. The solar panel can charge the accumulator to meet the needs of illumination.


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