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15W Solar LED Street Light

The 15W integrated solar street light is a new independent R&D product produced by NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY. NOKIN insists to provide high-quality solar products for customers, and the products sale abroad for perfect service and good quality. The light combines the high-efficient solar panel, long service time li-battery, high light efficiency led, intelligent controller, PIR human detective module and theftproof installation support together. It is light and easy to install, and usually two workers can finish installation with a special wrench equipped with the product within 5 minutes, and no other devices or instruments are needed.

Specifications of 15w lithium battery solar led street light Specifications of 15w lithium battery solar led street light Specifications of 15w lithium battery solar led street light

Specifications of integrated solar street light

Specifications of 15w lithium battery solar led street light

Features of integrated solar street light:

1. Professional solar panel, fast light absorption, quick conversion;
2. Specialty outdoor material;
3. Thicken aluminium body, which is sturdy and durable, rust-proof and anti-corrosion;
4. New generation of led light source, stable and maintenance-free;
5. Tight interface, water-proof rubber-gasket to protect it from water;
6. Thicken arc-shaped design, easy installation, stable and safety;
7. Wiring-free;
8. Integrated design, concise and fashionable outlook, light and practical;
9. Solar energy is used to save electrical energy and protect natural resources;
10.  Infrared human detective, change working condition according to the flow of people to extend the lighting time;
11.  Lithium iron phosphate battery to ensure the service time of products, which can be 8 years.

Application of integrated solar street light:

Outdoor environment like rural roads, passageways with light, corridors, gardens, gates, balconies, walls of courtyard. 


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