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120w all in one solar street light

The 120w all in one solar street light is composed by high-efficiency PV module, high-capacity li-battery, micro MPPT intelligent controller, led light source with strong light, PIR human detective sensor, anti-theft installation support. The solar panel, which is made  by using the photovoltaic effect, can absorb solar energy in the daytime, and transform it into electric energy, which is stored in the battery through charge-discharge controller, and when the illuminance decreases at night, the open-circuit voltage of the solar panel reaches 4.5V, the charge-discharge controller will work and give out light through the lamp head. After 8.5 hours, the charge-discharge controller will turn of the light. The main function of the charge-discharge controller is to protect the li-battery and control the turning on and off of the street light.

Specifications of 120w solar powered street lights

Feature of 120w solar powered street lights:

1. Integrated design without wires, convenient for installation. Several installation methods are provided, and the local materials can be used as lamp posts, which can reduce the cost.
2. Solar energy is used, led light, energy saving.
3. Water-proof structure, safe and reliable.
4. Aluminium alloy, water-proof structure, safe, rust-proof.
5. Intelligent light-control and intelligent human detective control. Light control---the street light won’t be turned on when there is light in the daytime, and the light will be turned on at night automatically. Human detective--- the street light will give out full light when there is people, and all the light source will work; the street light will in energy-saving pattern when there is people, which is energy saving and humanized, and the service time can be over 40 hours.
6. Integrated design without wires, humanized installation.
7. Modular design concept, which is easy to installation and maintenance.

Application of 120w solar powered street lights:

The solar all in one street light with photocell can be installed in streets of cities, sidewalks, squares, schools, parks, courtyards, residential areas, mine areas and other places where need outdoor illumination.


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