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All in one solar street light

NOKIN solar street lighting system is efficient lighting solution for streets, highways, main roads, avenues and other areas that need high intensity of lighting at night. Our systems are engineered for long-term and reliable performance with little or no maintenance.

The Principle of the All In One Solar LED Street Light

The working principle of the all in one solar street light is almost the same with the ordinary street light, and the differences between them are that there is lamp holder, solar panel, accumulator, control system which can control the pattern of charge-discharge. If all these are integrated in the lamp holder, the lead-acid battery will be changed into a li-battery, which is light and easy to install.

The Advantage of the All In One Solar Street Light

1. The best advantage of the all in one solar street light is that it can save plenty of money on installation, testing and transportation, which is only 1/5 of the cost of ordinary street light. If it is exported abroad, the cost is only 1/10 of the ordinary one.
2. Long service time of over 8 years. The initiate technology of li-battery management is adopted. Compared with those products who need to change battery every 2 years, the all in one solar street light only needs to spend little on after-sale service and parts changing, and generally, it does not need to change battery or do maintenance within 8 years. For its unique design, even it needs to change battery or do maintenance, the clients can finish this in several minutes without the help of professional guidance.

The Choosing of the All In One Solar Street Light

1. The installation height is 2 to 4 meters: usually choose NK-RS-5W, NK-RS-8W, NK-RS-12W, and the power is 5W, 8W, and 12W, which has high brightness and low power, and they are suitable to be installed in footways of courtyard, residential areas and parks.
2. The installation height is 4 to 6 meters: usually choose NK-RS-15W, NK-RS-20W, NK-RS-30W, and the power is 15W,20W,30W, with low and medium power, which is suitable to be installed in roads or paths of rural areas.
3. The street light installed in normal roads or big squares can be they type of NK-RS-40W or others.

Notes on All In One Solar Street Light

The battery can store for one or two months after fully charged. It should be test timely after long-time transportation or storage, and charge the battery and record the data regularly, or the battery will be damaged.
The all in one solar street light should be installed to keep away with big trees or high buildings, and it cannot be installed in the places where the sunshine is not good.
The cleanness of the solar panel will have influence on generating efficiency, so the surface (such as dust, leaves, greasy dirt, etc.) of it should be cleaned. It is suggested to clean the panel with ordinary cleanser regularly.
In addition, if the products are installed in North market (the places where the temperature is below 0℃ for over 10 days), the clients should choose the type that can resist low temperature.


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